International Christian Dating

International Christian Singles Dating

We offer international Christian singles who want to become members of our dating services the same privileges we offer to our national Christian single members. Our goal is to remove any and all boundaries that presently exist when it comes to long distance relationships.

We predict that in the near future, dating limited to local or national Christian singles will be a thing of the past.Once the boundaries and limitations are removed, our members will have more chances to locate their soul mates. The Internet brought the people of the world closer together. It has revolutionized the way we live. Real-time instant messaging has changed the way we communicate as opposed to fax and snail mail.

We are of the opinion that our national Christian singles should have the option and opportunity to date our international Christian singles via online dating. If you are ready to expand your horizons, go ahead and try International Christian Singles.

The idea is to offer and present to our members manually approved Christian singles in other Countries. Look at it like this. You attend the same Church year after year and you have been a loyal member in the singles group in a town with a population of let's say... thirty thousand people. If things were the same year after year, the question would be "are you exposed and active enough to find your soul mate"? If you widen your horizons and move to a larger city with a larger population, the chances of meeting your soul mate increase.

Unfortunately, moving to a new city to "hopefully" meet your soul mate is just not feasible. Your choices are to either continue on your present course, or mentally accept the fact that change is necessary. Consequently, sign up, so your profile may be exposed to our members nationally and globally.

Your objection here is "long distance relationship?" Is that the "mental block" that prevents you from meeting your soul mate? If it is, then you need to get over that fear as it is not you; it is God that is in control. You may believe you are, but that is only on the surface.

We are in the process of attracting International members. Below are the sites that will be soon be promoting International

Christian Dating:

International Christian Dating sites to be added later.

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