Photo Guidelines

Get 10 times more views with a perfect photo!
We will give you the great tips on how to do that.
  • Your main photo must be of you and no one else
  • Your main photo has to be clear and recent, (if necessary, use the crop tool when uploading)
  • All photo should in JPEG , PNG , JPG or GIF formats
  • Avoid small photos. Your photo should be at least 150 x 150 pixels (small images will cause the photo look fuzzy)
  • The file size of your photo cannot exceed 5mb (5000kb)
  • Suggestive or blurry photos, drawings, photos containing your contact information, or images for copyrighted materials will be rejected
  • When scanning your photo, please cut the empty areas around the photo - this way your photo will see bigger and the file size will be smaller
If you have trouble uploading photo directly to the site or if you need help resizing or editing your photos , you can mail or email photo to us


Please follow these instructions when sending photo to us:

1. Please describe yourself on the photo as clearly as possible (hair color, color of your garments, eye color, eye ware, etc), if you are sharing the photo with others.
2. Please include username and email address. You must provide the same email address you use to register on this site.
3. Specify which photo is to be used as your main photo and which is your secondary choice is.
Email your photo(s) to.....
To mail your photo(s) please use the following address:
Christian Singles Commitments Corp.
Catholic Dating for Marriage Media
22939 Hawthome Blvd. Suite 100
Torrance, CA. 90505

Note: if you wish to have photo sent back to you,
Please include a stamped self-addressd envelope.

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