Scam Prevention

Can you prevent scams? Have you been scammed?

Unfortunately, every year many people fall victims of scams that are committed over the internet. This includes scams via unsolicited emails, auction websites, consumer services, online dating, and other social websites. While it is very difficult to track down the person or group responsible, there are some steps that you can take.

If you have been scammed or believe you have seen a scam, there are many government agencies that you can contact for advice or with whom to make a report. The best agency to contact will depend upon where you live and the type of scam that is involved.

While has implemented a manual approval system for each new member to ensure a high quality dating community, we DO NOT PROVIDE A BACKGROUND CHECK on any of the members. We advise all members to run their own search on members with whom they are interested.

The following government web sites may help you in dealing with international financial scams and victims of scams:

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